What is it?

PeaceBuilders is a proven, science-based and real-world, highly practical method to better the lives of children and the people who love and care for them.

A school wide initiative; we all faculty/staff/students practice building peace. It is not curriculum worked into a class but a way of living using the six principles of PeaceBuilders.

Science-based program is designed to integrate into your daily routine by identifying specific risk factors and managing them with simple techniques.

PeaceBuilders addresses risk factors, which predict violence, bullying and drug and tobacco use.

Participation in PeaceBuilders reduces aggression, promotes language development, teaches pro-social skills, increases parenting skills, creates inclusion for special needs children and fosters safer communities.

In the school setting, PeaceBuilders increases academic achievement by allowing teachers to spend more time teaching and less time disciplining.

In all settings, the program creates a peaceful environment by increasing positive, respectful, thoughtful behavior, while decreasing violence and disruptive behavior.

The six guiding principles of Peace Builders are:

* Praise People
* Give Up Put-Downs
* Seek Wise People
* Notice Hurts
* Right Wrongs
* Help Others

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