Tuition Rates 2016-2017


In order to be considered for parishioner rates you must have a current census and stewardship form on file with the parish.  Please contact the parish office for information concerning your parish status.

**Pre-K tuition/fees are the same per child regardless of parish status.

Tuition Policy:

  • Tuition and fees are necessary in order for St. Paul to successfully fulfill its mission.  In order meet our financial obligations we have adopted the following tuition policy:

    The application and re-enrollment fees are non-refundable unless for any reason we do not accept or re-enroll your child.You have the option of paying tuition and fees in full by June 30, or using FACTS tuition payment program.    If paid in full by June30th, a $60 discount is given per family.

  • FACTS is an automatic bank payment system that   deducts payments through your specified account or credit card on either the 5 or 20 of the month (your preference).  Payments begin in July and end in April 10 months).  There is a $38 annual enrollment fee. 
  • Tuition that becomes 2 months past due will   subject the student to being withheld from school until such amounts due   are made current.
  • *To be eligible for St. Paul Parishioner Rates you must: 
    • Be registered in the parish
    • Have a completed Parish Census Form on file
    • Have a Stewardship Form on file
    • Please contact the parish office for information concerning your parish status.

Application Fee: $150 per student NEW STUDENTS ONLY (K-8).  It is payable when the student applies for admission and is non-refundable.

Re-enrollment Fee: $100 per student. RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY (K-8).  It is due in February and must be returned with the Re-enrollment application.

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