PK Developmental Check List 2013


This checklist is designed to show skills for children who are 36 to 48  months old, who are preparing to begin Pre- Kindergarten. This information will help you to anticipate normal development in fine motor, gross motor, language, cognitive, self help, and social skills. Children reach these skills at their own pace.  These are only guidelines. Every child has an individual pace and should not be compared to other children.

Fine motor
strings small beads 
puts tiny objects in small containers 
folds paper in half without a model 
grasps pencil between thumb and forefinger 
cuts play dough with a cookie cutter 
draws a diagonal line 
cuts five inch paper in two 
put together a six to eight piece puzzle together 
winds up a wind up toy

Gross motor
walks upstairs, alternating feet without holding railing 
hops on one foot one time 
kicks a large ball that is rolling 
walks on tiptoes 10 feet 
rides tricycle independently 
throws a playground ball to an adult 
pushes and pulls a wagon

understands basic categories ( food, animals, etc.) 
understands yes and no questions 
understands pronouns 
begins to understand time concepts (now , today,etc.) 
points to or places objects up and down 
carries out two unrelated commands 
describes what will happen next 
says can and will occasionally 
answers how questions 
tells about immediate experiences 
talks on telephone 
carries on a conversation 
asks why, what, and where questions 
uses five word sentences

points to 18 body parts 
names 15 body parts 
matches 11 colors 
names 3 colors 
points to 7 colors 
matches circles, squares, and triangles 
points to two shapes 
counts three objects 
counts to ten 
understands up and down, long and short, one more, top and bottom, over and under, boy and girl, heavy and light, slow and fast,  etc. 
adds two parts to drawing of incomplete person 
Can answer comprehension questions as “What should you do when you are hungry? sleepy? etc. 
matches letters of alphabet (uppercase to uppercase)

Self help
feeds self entire meal when food is cut up 
eats while holding a fork, some spilling 
uses spoon without spilling 
cleans up 
stays dry during naps and nighttime 
snaps clothing 
put on coat, jacket, or sweater 
unbuttons front buttons 
puts on shirt 
unlaces shoes 
washes hands 
brushes teeth with verbal help

follows rules in group games led by adult 
attends to music or stories for 10 to 15 minutes 
says “please” and “thank you” without reminders 
attempts chores with an adult 
shares if trade is involved 
plays with an activity for 15 to 20 minutes 
separates easily from mother easily in familiar surroundings 
takes pride in own achievement 
takes turn 
plays well with one or two children 
uses blocks to build structures 
plays dress up 
stays in outdoor play area 
puts toys away 
controls emotional reactions




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