Middle School 1:1 Laptop Computer Program

-The 1:1 Laptop Computer Program (one laptop to one student) supports the course of studies and affords students equitable access to hardware, software and network resources. The laptop is a technology tool for learning and developing communication, collaboration and problem solving skills necessary for participation and leadership in a global community. Like our Honor Code, intentional and meaningful technology use in the course of studies and student activities engages students in digital citizenship.

-Students are assigned a laptop that provides wireless access to the Internet and campus network resources along with software, ongoing training, laptop support and maintenance. The laptop assigned to each student is the property of St. Paul School The laptop is for the student’s use during the school year. Students in Grades 6-8 use the laptop 24/7 and are expected to bring it to school each day (fully charged) and use it for homework.

-Seventh and eighth grade students will begin using their laptops in class the very first day of school if they have attended and completed the Laptop Orientation classes. Those who have completed the orientation are allowed to take them for home use as well. Each student is personally responsible for the care and use of the laptop issued to them. The laptop must be returned by summer vacation for upgrades and maintenance.

-The primary item needed at home is a connection to an Internet Service Provider. A high-speed cable or DSL connection is highly suggested.

Guidelines for Appropriate Laptop Use

To help you become responsible users of technology, we would like you to make thoughtful decisions about your technology use. Put your technology use to the test with these guiding questions:

  • When in class, is my technology use class-related?
  • When on campus, is my use of network resources responsible?
  • In other words, my technology use does not negatively impact the performance and/or security of network resources and other users.
  • At all times, is my technology use honorable?

The Student/Parent Handbook includes a Citizenship and Discipline section which states the consequences for misuse and inappropriate use of technology. St. Paul School does not condone inappropriate use of technology, nor use of technology for illegal activity and you will receive disciplinary consequences.

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) provides guidelines for all technology users at St. Paul School. The AUP can be submitted online at http://goo.gl/6ouFam. (The AUP is also included in the St. Paul School Student/Parent Handbook.) This policy MUST be submitted for all parents and students in order for the students to be allowed to use the school resources.


  • Come to school with laptop fully charged daily;
  • Bring laptop and charger to school every day;
  • Abide by the Acceptable Use Policy of St. Paul School;
  • Use appropriate care and handling of the laptop;
  • Seek assistance with laptop problems; –
  • Return loaner equipment promptly;
  • Home Internet access; –
  • Students are responsible for backing up work to GoogleApps.

Students will: – use laptop every day in your academic course of study:

  • e-mail:
    • Check your GoogleApps Mailbox daily during the school year.
    • Read your e-mail daily and respond if necessary within 24 hours.
  • for taking notes,
  • completing homework,
  • Internet research
  • Access course content and resources;
  • Organize course content on laptops;
  • View assessment calendars;
    • Organize concepts with graphic organizers;
    • Communicate;
    • Collaborate;
    • Solve problems; –
    • Engage in Digital Citizenship;
    • Create authentic products to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.
    • Submit work to teachers in electronic format by sharing documents, or by sending them via email as attachments.

Terms and Conditions

Laptop Ownership and Fees

ST. PAUL SCHOOL owns the laptops, offering students equal access to technology resources that support the course of studies

Students may NOT use a laptop they already own. The Laptop Program affords all Middle School students equitable access to hardware, software and network resources that will support their course of studies. Standardization of laptop hardware and software allows for the most efficient and effective technical support. That way, St. Paul is able to provide optimum network performance and security for all users in the community therefore; all laptops are owned and assigned by St. Paul.

Students and their families pay an annual technology fee that includes the use of this machine, specialized software, e-books and e-textbooks, access to network applications and services; on campus technical support and simple repair services; loaner laptops for extended repairs; etc., and the use of this machine

Students may not keep their laptops during the summer. The Technology Department needs sufficient time to perform all laptop maintenance and upgrades in preparation for the next school year.

After meeting all graduation requirements at the end of eighth grade and fulfilling the requirements of the laptop leasing agreement, students and their families will have the opportunity to purchase the laptops for $1.00.
Before taking permanent possession of the laptops students must return their laptops to the Technology Department for removal of licensed software owned by St. Paul School.

Responsibility for Laptop Damage & Accidental Damage

ST. PAUL provides a one-year warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship for the product. Any ST. PAUL laptop that is handled by an outside source for maintenance will render the warranty null and void. St. Paul School must perform all maintenance and troubleshooting on all ST. PAUL laptops.

The warranty does not cover repairs related to damage due to accident, abuse, neglect or misuse. Warranties, by their nature, will cover parts and labor for manufacturer defects and internal mechanical failure, such as disk failures, inoperative keyboards, etc.

ST. PAUL is self-insuring the laptops as a complement to the manufacturer’s warranty by providing one-half the coverage for all kinds of unexpected, externally caused losses: theft, fire, power surges, lightning, spilled coffee in the keyboard, accidentally dropped laptop and natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

STUDENTS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for any damages to the laptop in their care. All Middle School students will be required to purchase a protective laptop carrying case. Accidental Damage would be an external event that suddenly happens to your laptop that was not intended to occur. An example might be spilling liquid on your keyboard or accidentally knocking your laptop off a desk.

Laptop Repair, Loss and Loaners

If a laptop needs to be repaired, the Technology Department performs troubleshooting and repairs to laptops. The Technology Department will evaluate whether or not the problem can be serviced on site or should be serviced by the manufacturer or an authorized repair facility. In addition the Technology Department will provide you with a loaner laptop while your assigned machine is being repaired.

If your laptop is missing: first, retrace your steps checking all locations you have been in since you last had your laptop. Second, notify your adviser and all teachers that your laptop is missing. Contact your classmates for any class notes that you may need to replace. Third, report the missing unit to Mr. Dooley immediately, so that steps can be taken to help you find your machine.
If the laptop is not found within two weeks, parents will be notified and billed for the one-half the replacement cost of the ST. PAUL laptop.
If your laptop accessories and carry case are also missing, the user will need to replace these items.

St. Paul School provides loaner laptops that may be borrowed (checked out to the student through the library software) until a laptop problem or repair is resolved. The loaner laptops will allow the student to continue to have full access to software, network resources, maintenance and support. When you borrow a St. Paul School loaner laptop, it is expected that you will continue to follow the Acceptable Use Policy and be responsible for the machine’s care and handling.

Charger or Removable Battery Problems

Bring your charger or removable battery to Mr. Dooley. Mr. Dooley will evaluate the accessory to determine if it is defective or damaged.

You will receive a replacement for the defective item at no cost since defects are covered under warranty.

Carelessness or irresponsible handling, which damages the items are the responsibility of the student and are not covered by warranty. You will be billed for the replacement of the damaged charger or removable battery at current market value.

First, retrace your steps checking all locations you have been in since you last had your charger or removable battery. See Mr. Dooley for a replacement. Missing laptop accessories are not covered by warranty. You will be billed for the replacement of the missing charger, stylus or removable battery at current market value.